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Davide Marchese - 4th Year Medical Student

NOSM University, West Campus - Thunder Bay

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Hey! If you're reading this, you obviously have some connection to who I am. However we met I want to express my happiness that we crossed paths. But you came here for more info. SO, allow me to tell you about myself.

I am a medical student who is passionate about hockey, soccer, technology, pathology, and science. As well, I enjoy passing time with my partner and our dog, Malibu. I enjoy learning so when not partaking in the aforementioned you likely would find me reading or studying!

Malibu is named after one of my father's past vehicles. This is a cogntive method designed to associate new material with my father's long-term memory. (He is brain-injured.)

I am proud to say I'm from Thunder Bay. (Born and raised.)
Follow the link for a wonderful song made by locals about Thunder Bay.

More to come. Have Suggestions... ...Please contact me..


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Last Updated: March 2024

Learn solid state physics by reading my Master's thesis

Ok, ok. I admit it probably won't teach you anything but writing "download here" three times is a tad dry.



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